Dr. Monica’s Experience¬†

Not your typical commercial physical therapy practice. My focus is on individual care, not meeting number quotas.

Our Goals

Our goal is simple, focus on making a difference. With our one-to-one customer treatment, we are able to provide the necessary care.

Special Treatment

Some of my special treatments include orthopedic or sports injuries, pre/post op patients, chronic/acute pain, pediatrics, vertigo, spinal, and many more.

Physical Therapy. It’s what we do, it’s what we love

  • 1-To-1 Patient Care-¬†Sessions ranging from 30 minutes to 90 minutes depending on your needs. Your injury specific exercises are explained and demonstrated. Precise hands-on treatment is applied with respect to your pain. We monitor your accomplishments and make adjustments to progress you appropriately.

  • Quicker Recovery-Because we focus our energy on one client at a time, we’re able to accurately find imbalances and fix them. Why do we find things other physical therapists miss? Because we’re not bouncing between clients. And our precise and efficient treatments equal faster recovery times for you.

  • Proven Treatment- Whether you need to walk to the corner store or run in a marathon, we devise a plan of care designed to achieve your goals. Your treatment plan focuses on lifestyle, immediacy and results.

  • Understanding Treatment-We’ll make certain you understand everything about what’s causing your discomfort and how to fix it. We put everything in terms you’ll understand. You’ll gain your independence faster when you’re armed with the knowledge.

Most Insurances Accepted- Call To Verify Your Insurance Coverage


1401 Valley Road, Wayne, NJ 07470

Suite 200 (Chase building, entrance on Valley Road Side, Elevators to 2nd floor)